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Top 10 Frequently asked questions
  • What is e-Nimi.com?
    • e-Nimi.com, a brand of Nimi Systems Limited with her headquarter in Port Harcourt - Nigeria, is an online MarketPlace to buy and sell with Top Deals & Discounts.

  • How can I buy on e-Nimi.com?
    • SignUp on e-Nimi.com, make your choice of Product or Service to purchase, then CheckOut, and make Payment. Customers are notified by email of confirmed orders and Delivery information.

  • How do I sell on e-Nimi.com?
    • SignUp on e-Nimi.com and Post your Products and/or Services from the DashBaord beneath Username on the main Menu.

  • Where can e-Nimi.com be located?
    • e-Nimi.com is located in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. Check www.e-Nimi.com/contacts for addresses.

  • Where is coverage?
    • e-Nimi.com can be accessed globally, however, our deliveries are limited to the South-Southern & South-Eastern Nigeria. More locations shall be added, so for other destinations, contact CustomerService on +234-815-234-0000 or enquiries@e-nimi.com

  • What are e-Nimi.com Delivery Methods?
    • e-Nimi.com offers Base-Pickup, Standard (2-7 days), Express (1-3 days) and Negotiable delivery.

  • What are e-Nimi.com Payment Methods?
    • Debit/Credit Cards Payment and Bank Transfer or Deposit. While Card Payment is instant confirmation, Bank Payment is subject to confirmation from receiving bank.

  • Are products and services limited?
    • No. We are costantly extending our products/services categories. Interested Vendors can always contact enquiries@e-Nimi.com

  • What are e-Nimi.com terms and conditions?
    • For Customers, Vendors and Thirdparties, refer to e-Nimi.com/termsandconditions

  • How can e-Nimi.com be accessed?
    • e-Nimi.com can be accessed through a browser on any device. For complaints, refer to e-Nimi.com/enquiries or send a feedback.

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